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Teacup puppies are the latest celebrity obsession and naturally are in demand with many of their fans and ardent followers too. They are tiny (they fit into your teacup), are extremely cute, come in gazillion color combinations and are a delight. Iheartteacups.com is a fabulous place where you can pick healthy teacup breeds. Make sure you choose the right puppy given the requirements of your household. These tips will help you for sure.

Skim through various breeds.

At iheartteacups, there are myriad teacup breeds for you to choose from. From teacup poodles, teacup pugs to teacup Chihuahuas and teacup Yorkies, there are several breeds available that will leave you amazed and spoilt for choice. We recommend personally visiting the store and looking at the dog varieties they have before making your choice.

Inquire whether the teacup dog is a premature baby.

Most dog vendors sell you “teacup puppies” that actually grow up to a normal sized dog in barely two months or so. Teacup pups are supposed to weigh less than 10 pounds and stay tiny all their lives. If you are given a newborn puppy from a perfectly normal bitch, know that even the tiniest pups in the litter grow up to large sizes in a short while. Make sure the vendor certifies your pup a teacup pup and assures you that it won’t grow up to be as large as normal breeds.

Make sure the teacup puppy is healthy enough.

It is very important for you to realize that teacup puppies are healthy (don’t believe people who try telling you they’re not). Teacup puppies aren’t born premature, they are fully developed with all their vital organs in place, and are active and full of vigor. Every teacup puppy you find at iheartteacups.com is healthy and administered with vaccinations and delivered to you with a health chart. Make sure you ask other vendors to provide you with the same information.

Buy only those breeds that you can handle.

The fact that your puppy is tiny in size does not mean you can completely forget about it. On the contrary, teacup puppies need a lot of attention and care. They are quite naughty and picky with food, and would require special training efforts. Speak with your vendor at iheartteacups and make sure you can handle the breed you buy.

After you are sure about which teacup puppies to buy, come over to iheartteacups.com and skim through the set of teacup breeds we have.